What it is

Atelier Gardens is a space in Berlin where actors of societal transformation can do their work, healing the rifts of

Soil, Soul and Society.

Regenerating the Earth beneath our feet, reconnecting with what is possible, and rebuilding a more sustainable future – together.

Rooted in Place

The beautiful red-brick Film Studios are the home of the Berliner Union Film Ateliers (BUFA) and have been a place for creativity and storytelling for more than 100 years.

We are now opening up this space, inviting agents of societal transformation to create a new story with their actions.

Ever evolving

A garden, much like an atelier, is never finished. There is neither a desired end-state, nor a final product.


Like the two,

our space is perpetually evolving.

‘A new event, workshop
and conference space‘.

A pioneering landscape,
where nature takes over.

Unique spaces to work &

create positive change


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at BUFA / Atelier Gardens


16 to 25 September

Human Rights film festival Berlin

3 September

Screening of documentary "Dying to Divorce"

26 to 18 August

Radical film network meeting

20 August

Screening of documentary "Courage"

1 to 15 August

Xposed Film Festival

4 July

Deadline for entries, competition for Mural Hous 3/4

25 June

Screening und DJ set Here we move Here we groove

20 June

Food Culture Market

19 June to 31 October

Exibition Common Ground