Atelier Gardens

The Campus for Urban Regeneration.

Atelier Gardens is the redevelopment and reprogramming of an iconic film and tv campus overlooking Tempelhof Airport steeped in over 100 years of storytelling.

Atelier Gardens is the next step in the site's story, delivering a global home for the pioneers of profound societal change. The campus will rekindle the site’s pioneering and creative spirit and create a home for social and regenerative entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, educators, artists, storytellers, social pioneers, and anyone looking to drive change.


This week at the open-air cinema

Open Screening, Litauisches Kino, Ich Capitano, Documentale Special, Surf on Europe

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Solar Camp panel discussion

Prospects for photovoltaic expansion in Berlin

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Solarcamp for Future, Berlin

The energy transition needs many helping hands. Join us!

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Soil Social Club #27

Terra Preta Harvest and more!

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