Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights – Film Series at Atelier Gardens. Curated by Canan Turan.

Description: The bisexual Iranian-American New Yorker Shirin used to be with men, now she is more interested in women. She keeps her queerness a secret from her family, which she finds increasingly difficult because she longs for their acceptance and love. At the same time, Shirin tries everything to forget her failed relationship with Maxine, throwing herself into Brooklyn’s bohemian nightlife and various sexual adventures. We suffer and laugh with Shirin during her odyssey to free herself from social norms and a fragile self-image, which is also humorously staged despite all the personal crises. A romantic comedy by Desiree Akhavan: In her directorial debut, she also plays the lead role and wrote the screenplay for the film.

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Fiction Film

Director: Desiree Akhavan

USA 2014, 90 Min.

Cast: Desiree Akhavan, Rebecca Henderson, Halley Feiffer


About Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights

The feminist and queer film series “Girls just wanna have fun-damental rights” explores what respect, self-determination and freedom can mean for women with intersectional identities through five international documentaries and feature films. The protagonists of the films are predominantly BIPOC and redefine their understanding of womanhood by fighting against patriarchy, racism and heteronormativity, by their will to live safely and securely and by standing up for the political rights of their community. The films are made by women and about women, but not only for women, appealing to a broad audience.

About Canan Turan

Canan Turan is a filmmaker, curator, facilitator, speaker and consultant. Her focus is on diversity, anti-discrimination and representation critique in society, culture and film, looking at them with an anti-racist, postcolonial and intersectional-feminist perspective. Canan holds a B.A. in Film Studies from the Free University of Berlin and did an M.A. in Documentary Film at Goldsmiths College London. She is the director of the short film Kıymet (2012) and creative producer of the feature-length documentary From Here (2020) by Christina Antonakos-Wallace. For the Duhok IFF, AKE DIKHEA? International Festival of Romani Film, the German Film Institute and Museum, Panthertainment, Film- und Kinobüro Hessen and Vision Kino, she has curated numerous film programs, panel discussions and workshops. At this year’s interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin, Canan is co-curator of the German Competition and responsible for the focus program “The *Other* German Cinema”. She is also a member of the selection committee of Berlinale Generation.



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