*Arts Lab Artémon 6: A Distance We Call the Monster

Curatorial statement by Ayham Majid Agha

In the profound expanse of our existence, where the temporary meets the eternal, there lies a realm unmapped and, at times, feared. It is a space, an unquantifiable distance, that separates us from the ones we love, our highest aspirations, and the unseen glory of our future. This ethereal expanse, the manifestation of our deliberate choices and pivotal decisions, has come to be known as “the monster.”

The monster is the embodiment of that which we cannot undo, a lost past and an untouchable future. It stands as an enigma between two epochs, whose significance remains open to interpretation, a canvas upon which we, as artists of our own lives, paint the portrait of our existence.

Join us on this odyssey, where we begin to unravel the intricacies of this imposing distance, this haunting entity we have illustrated as the monster. Through discourse, contemplation, and artistic expression, we negotiate the chasm that separates us from the undefined and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery.

Let us dive into the infinite intricacies of life’s tapestry, where the monster represents not a force of fear, but of transformation, challenge, and inspiration. This distance that dares to stand between us and our innermost desires is, in its essence, a paradoxical muse that drives us to new heights and compels us to explore the very boundaries of our existence.

It’s an invitation to engage with the concept of the monster, to ponder its depths, and to seek solace in the shared understanding that this chasm, this very distance, holds the power to ignite our most profound revelations and artistic expressions.


8 PM
Performance: “Doris” by Mab Cardoso and live music by URUBU Marinka

8:30 PM
Performative Research: “Off-garden” by Azade Shahmiri

9:30 PM
Audiovisual Live Performance: “On Connection” by media artist Valentina Berthelon and sound artist Flora Paär.

We will finish the night with a live DJ set by Katzenohr.

Performance information:

“Doris” by Mab Cardoso and live music by URUBU Marinka
Doris is a dance performance that explores the transformation of the human body and its multitude,through dance, morphing into new forms, resembling a dynamic entity that weaves through imaginary landscapes. As the piece unfolds, the dancer explores the boundaries of constraint and liberation, drawing the audience into a world where vulnerability and resilience meet. The point shoes serve as both a symbol of tradition and a means of transcending limitations. This process evokes a continuous cycle of construction and reconstruction, intricately linked to the body’s constant interplay with the surrounding environment, emerging technologies, and the fabric of social existence. The performance offers a platform for meaningful discourse between the environment,the human form, and the realm of metaphors

“Off-garden” by Azade Shahmiri
“A garden is transformed into a cemetery, a prison into a garden. In the performative act of converting one space into another, the remnants of the past invade the present,current reality seeps into memories, and the appearing site on the ruins of the disappearing creates a distorted, interrupted space that perhaps conveys a sense of the in-between, constantly reconfiguring and challenging the human experience of space, existence, and corporeality.The garden as one of the oldest representations of an Other Space, as a heterotopia, as a place with its own time-space, which is always moving in the sense of growing or falling, also moves bodies and directs events not as a setting but as an agent in action.This Performative Research seeks to explore the transformative and subversive power of gardens as heterogeneous beings through narratives,speculations, and archives.”

“On Connection” by media artist Valentina Berthelon and sound artist Flora Paär.
In the frame of a respectful trans-cultural ritual, the A/V act invites the participants to embark on a meditative experience, exploring the metaphor of the Tree as gateway to access the collective shared consciousness and knowledge.Combining science fiction elements, symbols and soundscapes, spiritual and physical world merge into a dimension where we can find answers to our inner quests. Drawing parallels to the human vascular system and complex technological networks like the internet, the Tree represents the link between the material world and the invisible structure of our universe.Hybrid mythological beings embody diverse perspectives from both the human and non-human realms, providing guidance to reconnect with the broader cycles of nature.Along with the visualization of other-dimensional scenarios created by Valentina Berthelon, the sound performer, Flora Päär, entering a trance-like state, connects with the ‘voice’ of the tree archetype, offering sonic guidance to channel the encoded wisdom stored within, where subtle energies are translated into powerful tools and resources for conscious evolution and co-existance Valentina Berthelon / Vocals and acoustic instruments: Flora Päär / Ritual guidance: Flora Päär / Soundtrack composition: Valentina Berthelon / Audio recording, mix and mastering: Tobias Freund

Live DJ set by Katzenohr
Katzenohr’s dirty and provoking sound is the result of merging Berlin downtempo music with herlove for rock and metal music. It’s the distorted synth sounds, trappy beats and heavy bass that make her sound one of a kind. Starting 2018, she has since played on dance floors of various clubs and festivals, such as Fusion Festival, Kater Blau club and Mensch Meier club. Katzenohr is a co-founder of feminist party collective PRIZM:Berlin. She is part of political event and music crew RSNZRFLXN (Berlin/Hamburg) and downtempo collective slowereastside (Leipzig/Berlin).







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