We are inviting you to an Atelier Gardens special campus event, a “Warm Data Lab” with Nora Bateson. In this workshop, we will learn about this special conversation format, developed by Nora, and we will explore a question that is relevant to our community.
In her newest book, Nora asks “Who can I be when I’m with you? Who can you be when you’re with me?”
We propose to consider and expand this question – asking “Who can we be when we are at Atelier Gardens? What can Atelier Gardens be when we are here?” – exploring the connections of humans with each other – at and with a place.
We look forward to welcoming you!
What is Warm Data and Warm Data Lab? 
“Warm Data” is the transcontextual information about and within the interrelationships that integrate elements of a complex system. Complex, systemic challenges are shaped by the interaction of multiple contexts—the economy, nature, politics, culture, technology, etc. —and in order to effectively address such challenges, we have to understand the transcontextual interdependence.
The Warm Data Lab is created to help release and revitalize sensitivity to the sacred processes of the life that have been fragmented by the last several hundred years of history. It was originally designated for helping communities begin to perceive and articulate the possible projects which would be responses to the complexity of the issues they are facing, as opposed to silo-ed solutions. The Warm Data Lab practice is made for a broken world.
Grounded in over a century of deep theoretical roots and a lineage of systems thinking, the Warm Data Lab practice transform complexity science into an experiential approach of profound mutual learning and relationship building.
You can register here (same registration link as for the talk)


10:00 - 12:30

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