Process Work is worldwide known for transforming our biases and judgements of “other”.

We get to marvel at the undiscovered beauty of the “unfamiliar” – even our opponents – and consequently of our own whole Selves.

We teach skills and inner work attitudes to relate to unfamiliar situations, people, cultures – and also opponents. We show how to “unfold” the process and find the sheer beauty of nature in the essence of a person, a problem or a conflict.

We work, play and learn while filming our experiences of working with people and groups that are not familiar with Process Work.

Our Format

Two interweaving tracks – a Filming Event Track and a Process Work Seminar Track

In the Film Track, we show and film how we work, co-learn and play – with individuals, couples, polyamorous and family care systems and teams – who will visit us for the day in one hour slots, 10a.m.-4p.m. In the Seminar Track, we have the space for 25 participants who register for the entire four days. In the morning from 9-10, we teach skills and inner work practices to work with anyone on anything. At the end of the day, we have a one hour group process that can be joined by the visitors.

If you would like to register for both tracks, please register for the film track, and immediately let us know with an email to

1. Filming Event Track

Come and learn together with us how to discover the unique dreaming power and beauty behind your present life’s challenge(s). Take a film back with you that highlights your work for you, and teach by making it available as a joy and inspiration to others in similar situations.

We invite you to join us as an individual or couple, as two individuals conflicting, a polyamorous group, or any small or extended care system (from one parent and one child working as a team with up to 6 people). The work will be in English, (slow English) and if you are more comfortable with an additional translator in your first language, we will work with you to make this possible.

We will love to work with you, be with you and play together with you to unfold the beauty of the challenge you (singular and plural) are facing. This will happen within a 30 min slot (approximately), but there will be no time constraint. If you need more time afterwards, we will set up a video or voice opportunity to work further with you. You are free to be your complete self during this time. Your privacy will be respected in 3 ways:

1. You can stop the filming at any point as we work (for example, “I want to talk about my boss, can you stop filming this”)

2. You will get a draft version of your segment, and you will have the authority to request that the producers edit out anything that you are not comfortable with. This is pre-confirmed.

3. You can tell us that you are uncomfortable with the entire segment and we will delete it.

You will get your segment as a personal copy which you will be free to use as you please – for yourself, your family, or your YouTube or Instagram account.

Registration for the Film Track:

We prefer if you have no or little previous knowledge of Process Work, but it is not a condition.

You can join us for only the filming slot, in which case you will get a a 3 hour time information to prepare you by the film team.

Price: free of charge.

You can also come for the entire day free of charge.

We have a small fund for full ride scholarships for the 1-Day film track which can be used to supplement travel and lodging. Please apply to

2. Process Work Seminar Track

May 23-26, 2024 – 9am to 5.30pm

9-10 am Presentation of Skills, Inner Play/Work on awareness of personal, cultural and social biases. The joy of working with edges. Tracking emerging dreams.

10-4 pm Merge with “Film Track”

4.15-5.30 pm Group Process on an emerging topic of the day

Registration for Seminar Track

Due to the limited participant number and the issue of container stability, we ask you kindly to only register if you are able to attend the four days in full.

Price: Euro 480 for 4 full days

Scholarships are available, please reach out to

So, after all of this info – we are just super excited and looking forward to any response from you! (including if you write to us that this is a great initiative and you would love to be part of it some other time)

Much love from our team and thank you for reading all the way to the end

Ellen, Max and Xenia

in Oregon, Switzerland and Cyprus

Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach are facilitators, coaches and consultants, based in the USA, Florence, Oregon. We are co-founders of Deep Democracy Institute International, a global think and feel tank and co-learning hub with Process Work and Deep Democracy initiatives in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. We are both passionate about learning with individuals and communities how to use our awareness to follow our dreaming selves and facilitate our inner lives – and the dreaming processes of teams, groups, and communities – to discover the natural regeneration and evolutionary impulses in our conflicts and challenges.

Xenia Kuleshova is a producer, physician, and psychotherapist, born in the Soviet Union and currently a citizen of Cyprus residing in Switzerland. She has a long career as an independent entrepreneur across a broad range of fields, and in the last 10 years discovered her passion for film production, which led her to create Mamaki Productions, a venture dedicated to creating documentary films about psychology.



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