Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego to Eco

This four-day experiential retreat and workshop is designed for leaders and teams at all levels. It introduces a collective leadership methodology for sensing and facilitating profound innovation and change both within organizations and across societal systems. The program is designed as a U-process and allows participants to experience the U-process in depth.  A large portion of the Presencing workshop is dedicated to case clinics, where participants will apply what they are learning to challenges and projects in their own work. Participants will benefit the most from this workshop by coming with a concrete project or challenge that they are working on and/or by attending with one or more colleagues/ stakeholders. If you work in a consultant or facilitator role, we encourage you to participate with a client.
Participant will connect deeply with each other across sectors, generations and continents and leave with a meaningful long lasting network.
This workshop will be of particular value to teams in the early stages of working on joint projects. While developing their individual and collective leadership capacities, participants will simultaneously create a shared vision for their projects, engage with internal and external stakeholders, and prototype new ideas.
In our experience a good spread of participation across the sectors – corporate, civil society, government, academia – is important for this program. Since we are trying to ensure a balanced mix, we might contact you prior to confirming your participation.
What You’ll Learn
    Theory U – frameworks, principles, process, methods, and tools
    Shifting self and system from “ego-system to eco-system” awareness and action​
    Applying Levels of Listening and Dialogue
    Daily Awareness Practice
    Clarifying Intention and Co-Initiating a change process
    Sensing and Presencing
    Embodied Practices, Social Presencing Theater
    Actualizing emerging opportunities through crystallizing and prototyping.

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