Mushroom Inoculation Workshop

Join Us for a Journey of Growth!

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of urban mushroom growing at Atelier Garden Berlin on 11th May. We are glad to share with you the art of growing mushrooms on tree trunks, not only as a means of nourishment but also as a meeting place for community building and sustainable living.

Together we will see how urban gardens can thrive with logs that produce nutritious mushrooms and offer a glimpse into a fertile, more vibrant future for our cities. It’s not just about food, but also about fostering relationships and respect for nature.

Join us as we sow the seeds of change and celebrate the interconnectedness of our world. Let’s come together to grow not just mushrooms, but a community of like-minded people committed to sustainable living and holistic well-being.

We look forward to seeing you at Atelier Garden Berlin on 11th May for an enriching experience that will inspire and empower us all.

The workshop will be led by Georgiana Simion.
Participation is limited to 10 spaces. Please register here


I’m Georgiana, an agronomist specializing in crafting urban gardens using mycological and permaculture principles.

My journey began in childhood, learning gardening alongside my father and foraging mushrooms in the nearby forest for our meals. Cultivating my own food and embracing self-sufficiency ignited my early passions.

Though now residing in bustling cities where life has evolved, my dedication remains unwavering. I’m committed to nurturing my enduring passion for sustainable urban agriculture.

Big Love, Georgie


The cornerstones of the event are:

1. Community Building

Growing mushrooms on logs is not just a fascinating endeavor, but it’s a beautiful way to bring people together and create community connections.

2. Urban Gardens

Imagine urban gardens thriving with logs sprouting delicious, nutritious mushrooms a sight that not only adds curiosity, but also provides fresh, local produce.

3. Respect for Food

This practice offers a unique opportunity to involve kids in the process, teaching them about the magic of nature and the importance of sustainable food production. It’s a hands-on experience that can spark curiosity and inspire the next generation to become more self-sustainable and conscious about where their food comes from.

4. Educational Opportunity

Also, educating people about mushroom cultivation on logs also promotes respect for food and helps reduce waste by encouraging mindful consumption. By growing our own food, we learn to appreciate the effort and resources that go into producing each meal, fostering a deeper connection to what we eat.

5. Planting->Transforming Trees into Food

Moreover, the benefits extend beyond mushrooms. Planting a tree not only enriches our environment but can also be transformed into a source of food. Trees provide shade, oxygen, and, with the right care, can yield fruits, nuts, and other edible delights. It’s a reminder that every tree planted is a step towards a more sustainable future and a testament to the abundance that nature provides when nurtured with care and respect.


10:00 - 15:00

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