Natural Farming Workshop with Kutluhan Özdemir

Join us for an enriching weekend at the Natural Farming Network’s “Do-Nothing Farming Workshop” led by Kutluhan Özdemir. Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka’s “One Straw Revolution,” this workshop embraces Fukuoka’s profound realization that our separation from nature is causing its destruction. Through a “do nothing” approach, Fukuoka advocated for letting nature lead fully. Dive into this transformative workshop designed to introduce participants to natural farming principles, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting ecological awareness.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: One Weekend
  • Date: Saturday, 20th of July (Theory) & Sunday, 21st of July (Theory + Practice)
  • Location: Atelier Gardens, Oberlandstrasse 26

What to Expect:

  • Saturday – Theory Day: Delve deep into the philosophy and principles behind natural farming. Understand the fundamental concepts that guide this harmonious approach to agriculture.
  • Sunday – Theory & Practice Day: Experience a blend of theory and hands-on practice. Kutluhan Özdemir, who has dedicated the last 9 years to farming and spreading Fukuoka’s philosophy, will guide you through both theory and practical sessions. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced farmer, these days promise valuable insights and practical knowledge.

About the Trainer:

Kutluhan Özdemir is a devoted natural farmer who has journeyed extensively to learn and practice the principles of natural farming. His farming journey began by meeting direct students of Fukuoka while traveling in South America. He further honed his skills by living on Panos Manikis’ natural farm in Edessa, Greece. Currently, Kutluhan runs his own natural farming project in Italy and generously shares his wealth of knowledge and experience with others, traveling wherever he is invited to impart his wisdom on natural farming.

RAN (Natural Farming Network)

RAN, which stands for Natural Farming Network in Italian, is a project initiated by the Natural Farming Center NGO. It aims to promote Natural Farming according to M. Fukuoka and make this ‘non-method’ accessible worldwide. The overarching vision is to make natural food available to all while reforesting the entire world.

What RAN Does:

  • Organizes do-nothing farming workshops and natural farming trips
  • Manages the ‘suppOrto’ project
  • Coordinates collective orders of seeds and bare root trees
  • Creates informative materials on natural farming, including:
    • Free tutorials
    • Documentaries
    • Books

New Initiatives (Spring 2024):

The map-project has been launched to connect people practicing natural farming, providing opportunities for everyone to experience or visit real-life examples of cultivating food in harmony with nature.

About RAN:

RAN is an independent organization run by volunteers and funded entirely by donations from individuals who wish to support its mission and vision.

Contact RAN:

For more information or to get in touch, email:

Follow RAN on Facebook: RAN Facebook Page

Roots Radicals:

During the workshop days, Roots Radicals will also offer a special lunch for €10.50.

Based in Berlin, Roots Radicals is committed to reconnecting people with food. Recognizing food’s role as a vehicle for culture, community, and consciousness, the company focuses on transparency and education. Rooted in the principles of a circular economy, it innovates with efficiency, zero-waste, and upcycling, transforming “waste” into delicious products. With a vision to establish a hub in Berlin featuring an open kitchen, food store, and café, Roots Radicals offers a range of long-lasting conserves, sauces, soups, and spices available online and at Atelier Gardens.

Registration and Payment Details:

  • Contact: For registration and more information, please contact Renata Ovalle Saboya at
  • Payment: We operate on a sliding scale payment system for workshop materials – €15, €25, or €35. No one will be excluded due to financial restrictions. If you would like to participate but are facing financial constraints, please reach out to us.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Kutluhan Özdemir about natural farming. Secure your spot today and take a step towards a sustainable world!

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Natural Farming Workshop with Kutluhan Özdemir

Dive into natural farming with Kutluhan Özdemir. Explore Masanobu Fukuoka's principles and experience theory and practice in one weekend.

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