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Atelier Gardens is an iconic 6-acre film campus overlooking Berlin’s famous Tempelhof airport. Known as “UFA Studios Tempelhof” and later as “Berliner Union-Film” or “BUFA”, it has been home to the pioneers of film, and is steeped in more than 100 years of film and TV.

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Rekindling the site’s pioneering and creative spirit, we are opening up the space, delivering a global home for the pioneers of profound societal change. The campus is welcoming activists, social entrepreneurs, documentary film makers, human rights lawyers, educators, growers, artists, etc. to tell the next chapter of its story, together.

The site’s motto “Celebrating Soul, Soil, Society” underlines the ambition for a holistic approach to regenerative life in the city, and the belief that human beings, in principle, are capable of making a helpful contribution to life on Earth.

Change Makers

Already home to such global change makers as Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future, Atelier Gardens is the home for any organisation looking to create positive change in their industry


Tiny Farms

House 11
June 2020

By creating new micro farms we promote organic farming, increase regional production and get more people involved in agriculture. Tiny Farms focuses on reducing costs and increasing flexibility by radically minimising land requirements, investments and resource use. Our three pillar concept is made up of Tiny Farms Cultivation, Tiny Farms Software and Tiny Farms Academy. Through these organisations, we produce sustainably, serve large markets and provide a solution to the shortage of skilled workers in vegetable production.


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100 years of storytelling

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